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"I took my first class in 2009 and never looked back. Prior to Bikram, I was very overweight, diagnosed with scoliosis and fibromyalgia, tons of meds...and mentally I was depressed. Overall a hot mess! I've lost over 30 lbs through a daily practice and I haven't taken any meds in years! My mental focus and determination has drastically increased. This is true healing from the inside out. I feel great and encourage everyone to do this yoga!" - Ana 



"I suffered from chronic bronchitis from the age of 15. I also had severe allergies to all four seasons that started in the 5th grade. Week after week I would have to check into a doctors office for allergy shots and serum. A year after I had my second baby, a friend invited me to try Bikram yoga at the Reston studio. I fell in love with the stretching and meditation in class, not so much the heat but I got use to it. After three months of regular practice, I noticed my allergies clearing up and stopped my injections. Six months after regular practice, my chronic bronchitis ceased to exist. I was able to stop taking any and all prescription drugs of any kind. I am so proud to say that my second child is now four years old and not only am I prescription and over the counter drug free, I have also been so inspired by my instructors and the practitioners around me that I decided to become a teacher! They say this yoga changes lives!!! .....and they are absolutely RIGHT!!!!" - Yun




"I ran the Disney World "Goofy Challenge" the weekend of Jan 6-7. The "Goofy Challenge" consists of running the Disney 1/2 Marathon on Saturday followed by the Disney Full Marathon on Sunday. Finishers of both races get a Goofy medal in addition to Donald Duck (1/2 Marathon) and Mickey Mouse (Full) medals.


On Saturday, I ran the 1/2 marathon hard to finish 1:22 which is a good time for me. On Sunday, I evenly split the marathon to run each half in 1:23 for a total time of 2:46 (averaged 6:20 minutes per mile) to finish in 9th place overall out of more than 12,000 runners. Not only was this a PR for me by 7 minutes, but I also ran it on tired and sore legs.


I give a lot of credit for my success to Bikram yoga as follows:

- First, Bikram has kept me practically injury free in spite of ramping up my running mileage and intensity significantly in the three months leading up to the race. I have never been able to sustain as much running volume/intensity in the past due to Achilles issues, knee tendonitis, etc. I believe that Bikram helped me through core and joint/ligament strengthening.


- Second, the temperature at race start was 60 degree with high humidity rising to 80 degrees, which is obviously not ideal for racing a marathon. I strongly believe that practicing Bikram in a hot, humid room helped me acclimatize to the race conditions. Like in class, I sweated significantly during the race, but I was able to maintain my pace throughout the race.


Net/net: I set a PR in the marathon and finished the Goofy Challenge in 2nd place overall but with the fastest marathon time and only 38 seconds behind first. Plus, I got three medals, a plaque (2nd place age group in 1/2) and a really cool Mickey Mouse trophy (1st place age group in full)." - David 




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