You may cancel without a penalty up to 8 hours before your class starts. If you cancel less than 8 hours before class, we will deduct a class from your class package and you will be charged a $35 no show fee.
Please monitor your spot on waitlist. Your name will automatically move from the waitlist into the class roster.
If you are on waitlist and it is getting closer to class time and you are no longer able to attend class, please remove your name from waitlist.
Three (3) late cancellations may restrict your ability to sign-up earlier than 24 hours before a class. Two (2) No Shows will restrict you to a 12 hour early sign-up.




Signup only when you know you can attend. Making a reservation too far in advance often results in a cancellation.


If you are not able to attend class, cancel on-line as soon as possible. Be considerate of others.

No shows and cancellations less than 8 hours before class

Not showing up for your reserved class actually hurts Reston Yoga. A no show prevents someone else from attending class and as a result causes a business income loss.