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Antonia’s first Bikram Yoga class was at Bikram Yoga Reston back in 2008 to nurse an ankle injury. An avid long distance runner, she became frustratingly aware of her body’s increasing lack of flexibility, too often succumbing to common sprains and injuries from training and racing. After some research into Bikram Yoga, going on faith and maybe a little desperation, she signed up. After a humbling 90 minutes, she was hooked. Her body felt alive and refreshed. The heat helped her to stretch (mostly) pain free, and eventually stretch both body and mind, to depths she could have never imagined.

For her, the teachers made all the difference in her practice. Their encouragements, coupled with their own individual passion and precision in practice of the yoga, inspired Antonia to challenge her own physical and mental growth through consistent practice of Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga has not only healed injuries she has sustained from all her physical activities through the years, it has improved the quality of her activities, and overall quality of life.

She graduated from Teacher Training in the fall 2013. She is a proud a Bikram Yoga teacher, yet humbled to serve her students. She feels blessed to belong to a mindful, loving, & incredibly supportive global yoga community. She teaches with all of her former and fellow teachers’ essences, for they will always inspire her through their love for the yoga, and their passion for sharing this brilliant series.