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I suffered from chronic bronchitis from the age of 15. I also had severe allergies to all four seasons that started in the 5th grade. Week after week I would have to check into a doctors office for allergy shots and serum. A year after I had my second┬ábaby, a friend invited me to try Bikram yoga at the Reston studio. I fell in love with the stretching and meditation in class, not so much the heat but I got use to it. After three months of regular practice, I noticed my allergies clearing up and stopped my injections. Six months after regular practice, my chronic bronchitis ceased to exist. I was able to stop taking any and all prescription drugs of any kind. I am so proud to say that my second child is now four years old and not only am I prescription and over the counter drug free, I have also been so inspired by my instructors and the practitioners around me that I decided to become a teacher! They say this yoga changes lives! … and they are absolutely RIGHT!